Brauchle Proud


 I am Brauchle Proud! 


Adriana Garza 

Ten Student Councils garner national recognition



We are tremendously proud of our Trinity Excellence in Education Prize winner Carol Hudson and our Northside First Year Teacher of the Year Deanna Demers!


 Cougar Campers Team Up, will be working closely with the San Antonio Police Departments S.A.F.F.E unit to complete multiple community service projects including the Blue Santa Toy Drive, a Christmas photo contest, safety in the community, as well as others. Our team is encouraging the whole school to get involved in helping make these opportunities successful. We have been awarded over $2,700 from the Silver and Black Give Back organization and are hoping to become one of the lucky five teams who will receive the grand prize of $20,000. Our cougars were even featured on Kens5 news. Way to go cougars! #brauchleproud


Principals that inspire...
Students who are motivated thinkers...
Teachers who are passionate and dedicated....
Office staff that is organized and friendly...
Parents that trust us...
Custodians who keep our school beautiful...
For all these reasons and MANY more....I AM BRAUCHLE PROUD!

Katharine Dattomo-gracia


         I have enjoyed teaching the students at Brauchle and then getting to teach their siblings. It makes my heart happy to be a part of each of their families' lives. Brauchle families are wonderful!

      Holly Hernandez


               I have the honor to teach and help students each day and help them grow up to be caring fine citizens and for this I am Brauchle Proud. 

       Tania Ortega


because everyday I get to work with people I truly admire. Brauchle is made up of some of the most remarkable people you'll ever meet. Every year we ask our 5th graders what these walls would say if they could talk. I think our walls would have a great deal to say about how caring and generous the people are here. You can catch them doing everything from helping out a family in need to providing comfort and support to one another (and everything in between). Brauchle Elementary is not only a  learning environment academically. It's also a place where character is built and our students  take wings and learn how to fly!

Veronica Walker


because I work in an AMAZING school each day! I am surrounded by amazing teachers, amazing administrators, amazing specialists, amazing office staff, amazing custodians, and amazing cafeteria staff. I spend day in and day out in my classroom with AMAZING children who have support from their AMAZING families. I am blessed to go through life with amazing people encouraging, smiling, laughing, caring, and becoming great friends over the years I spend in these hallways. Brauchle has shaped who I am not only as a teacher but as a person. Coworkers, my students, and their families have inspired me to be better and that makes me Brauchle Proud!

        Madison Guerra

  I am Brauchle Proud because I have worked at Brauchle since 1994. Brauchle is my second home and it's right down the street from my first home.

       Trini Macias

  When the word teacher is mentioned, the primary focus is on the education of our children. A person qualified in delivering knowledge to growing minds, helping to evolve their intellect. Mrs. Braly embodies this essence and surpasses all expectations. To distinguish her simply as an educator would be doing a disservice. Family would accurately depict how we would view her. Treating the children as family, with a passion to engage our children, she forges and tempers their minds. Ensuring they are equipped for their journey ahead, but that they are given every opportunity to succeed. We are Brauchle proud because Brauchle is family, and Mrs. Braly truly is the embodiment of this.

        Carla Brown

     Brauchle is a  5 Star school... and we continue down the path of excellence by committing to getting better at what we do..That is why I am Braucle proud!

Terri Hayes