NISD Boundaries and Buses Information System

Select the street name carefully, as there may be streets with similiar spellings.
For example, TIMBERHILL and TIMBER HILL are in fact two different streets.

If your street is not listed:
  • It may be in another school district.
  • It may be a new street that has not been entered into our system.
  • It may be listed under a different first letter. If your address has direction (N, S, E, W or other), use the first letter of the direction, not the street name, for the search.
    Example: N Verde Drive - search under "N".
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Please direct any boundary questions to (210) 397-8796.

Please direct any bus/transportation questions to the bus station serving your child.

Bus Code Station Phone
WMcClung Station(210) 398-1550
CCulebra Station(210) 397-0275
NNorth Station(210) 397-0850
RRhodes Station(210) 397-0900
SSouth Station(210) 397-0250