School History

Murray E. Boone Elementary School began the 1973-1974 school year with students meeting at Leon Valley and Thunderbird Hills (now Powell) Elementary Schools because the building was not ready for occupancy. The doors at the current location, 6614 Springtime in the Babcock North subdivision were opened for classes on March 18, 1974. The school was officially dedicated April 2, 1974, under the leadership of Edmund D. Cody, Superintendent and William J. Thornton, President of the School Board.

The school was named for Murray E. Boone, a life-long educator who served thirty-six years in several schools until his retirement in 1969. Twenty-one of those years were in the Northside School District . He was superintendent of the consolidated rural education district, which in 1965 was named the Northside School District, making Mr. Boone the first district superintendent.

The first students at Boone selected blue and white as the school colors and the Mustang as the official mascot.

The facility has undergone two major building additions, bringing the square footage of the facility from 28,000 square feet to the current 77,607 with 57 classrooms. The school can comfortably accommodate about 950 students, and enrollment has ranged from 850 to over 1,000. Present enrollment is 665.

Through the years, as the school has grown, programs and activities have developed, changed, and enhanced the learning experiences of our students. Extra-curricular activities available for students are field trips, safety patrols, student council, chorus, strings, and student live TV broadcast team. After school enrichment activities vary from year to year, but may include Golf, Spanish, Solar Race Cars, and Young Astronauts.

An active parent association provides many special benefits for Boone students. Parents are active in the Parents Assisting Learning program (PALs), sponsor parent education opportunities, and parenting classes in cooperation with the school counselors.

Boone Elementary School provides an exceptional education for students from early childhood (age three) through fifth grade. Boone has received the designation of Recognized School from the Texas Education Agency. Boone is an inclusive school and serves students with special learning needs through both the regular classroom and small settings. Boone has been designated twice as a Promising Practices School by the Texas Education Agency's Program for Pre-school Children with Disabilities (PPCD) for its outstanding inclusion program for children 3 through 6 years of age.

Since our school opened in 1973 we have had seven principals; Juanita Lawtum , the first principal(1974-1978), Ed Patton (1978-1982), Linda Christie (1982-1986), Charles Harms (1986-1989), Rae Beth Barton (1989-1999), Joel Friedman (1999-2007), and Michella Wheat (2007-2010), Carol Borcherding (2010-2015). Our current principal, Manuela Haberer, joined our staff in 2015 as Boone's ninth principal.