Box Tops for Education

Support Boone Elementary by collecting box tops for education.  Our school receives 10 cents for each box top collected.  For more information, Click Here.

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The LAST DAY to turn in Box Tops, Labels for Education and Tyson Project A+ will be FRIDAY, MAY 20!

Thank you so much for all your support this school year!  Our school has raised over $4,000 this year!  Every Box Tops counts and we know we can count on you Boone Box Tops Super Heroes!

Remember to SOS, SAVE OVER THE SUMMER!  We will continue to collect Box Tops and Tyson Project A+ next school year.  

Sadly, Labels for Education will be ending July 31, 2016, so we will no longer collect those after this current school year.

Also watch for another Bonus Box Tops opportunity at HEB in June!

If you are interested in becoming the Box Tops Committee Chairperson, please contact the front office!  No experience needed!

Have a safe and fun summer!  See you in August! 

End of the Year Updates

Traveling trophy for May goes to Mrs. Menjare's 3rd grade class with 225 Box Tops.
Mrs. Zapata's 1st grade class made it to the 4th story with over 1,000 Box Tops and they will recieve a popcorn party.


ALE     F, N, Muli      205

PK      Gersham 1190
K       Campbell        649
K       Constancio 860
K       Gann    613
K       Jensen  737
K       Lovejoy 786

1       Yancy   1056
1       Mencio  351
1       Zapata  1016
1       Pickens 740
1       R Salazar       2618
2       Scherwitz       1576
2       Cardenas        621

2       Sosa    1037
2       Whalen  430
3       Abrego  429
3       Mitchell        674
3       Nolan   2619
3       Pena    271
3       Menjares        1315
4       Pitman  200
4       Elling  829

4       Haney   1497
4       Kern    202

4       Zieglar 545
5       Martin  448
5       O'Regan 1362

5       V Salazar       296

Head Start    79

Our Savior    30

Igo Library    829

Cody Library    98

Western Hills   225!

Box Tops have added new products to help schools earn money!  Finish dishwasher soap products now are part of the Box Tops family!  Watch for Box Tops when washing your dishes!