Board Goals

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Implement, monitor, and evaluate Year 3 of the Strategic Plan for 2013-2018.
  • Narrow the achievement gap on STAAR between phase-in performance standards and recommended and advanced performance standards.
  • Improve the performance of special education students at all levels.     
  • Improve the performance of English Language Learners.
  • Improve the quality of instruction and assessment and ensure student access to courses in advanced academics to improve the percent of students meeting criteria on AP, SAT, ACT and TSI exams.
  • Expand dual credit opportunities for students at all NISD high schools and magnet programs.
  • Begin initial research on viable middle school magnet programs.
  • Conduct periodic review of major programs including Athletics, Fine Arts, and Career and Technology for both curriculum and facilities.


  • Continue focus on improving four-year graduation rates.
  • Continue efforts dealing with chronic student absenteeism.
  • Monitor implementation of security lobbies at elementary schools for impact to future expansion.

Business and Finance

  • Align fiscal resources to support the District’s core mission and maintain a strong financial position.
  • Provide strategic planning models to ensure sustainable budgets and long term financial stability.
  • Maximize tax savings opportunities to ensure future debt capacity to support the long term growth of the District.

Human Resources

  • Implement and assess effectiveness of teacher selection tool.
  • Continue the implementation of a plan for minority recruiting, hiring, and career progression.
  • Maintain a compensation package and a benefits plan that are competitive.


  • Communicate regularly about the status of school bond projects.
  • Advocate for public education generally and support the Go Public initiative.
  • Educate the staff and community about the challenges facing NISD, as well as about the successes.
  • Communicate regularly with elected officials who represent NISD’s interests.
  • Implement and evaluate engagement activities with new and existing school, business, and community partners and Northside EducationFoundation.

Technology Services

  • Continue collaboration with Curriculum and Instruction to develop a vision for the effective use of technology devices for both students and staff.
  • Implement a system that employs timely deployment, training and effective use of instructional technology as outlined in current Technology Bond Standards.

Facilities and Operations

  • Provide regular updates on bond progress to the community.
  • Continue planning and construction on 2014 projects.
  • Continue to develop and implement short and long term Capital
  • Improvement program for both bond-funded and general operating-funded work.