About the Board


Since the Board of Trustees functions to support the District's instructional program, curriculum is at the heart of Trustees' responsibilities. Trustees set high academic standards and oversee the development of strategies and objectives for reaching those goals. There is continuous evaluation of program effectiveness. Northside is a Texas Recognized District.

School Staff

Trustees recognize the value of qualified teachers and other staff. They hire teachers and staff who are motivators and communicators and who have a genuine concern for students. Northside has one of the largest workforces in South Texas, more than 13,000 full-time and part-time employees.


Since the Board is legally responsible for all funds received for school purposes and for their expenditure, much Trustee time and energy is devoted to developing a sound budget.


Schools in NISD, the state's fourth largest school system, are modern, well-equipped and well-maintained. Since 1995, Trustees have secured authorization from District voters for more than $3 billion in bonds to build 52 schools and make improvements at all the others.

Community Involvement

Citizen involvement is encouraged by the Board of Trustees and is evident by the fact that hundreds of citizens serve on a variety of District and campus advisory committees. Continuous communication with Northside patrons is designed to involve as well as inform.