First Grade

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Reading and Language Arts


Tumble Books Library



Authors and Books

Jan Brett

Kevin Henkes

Eric Carle

Dr. Seuss

Marc Brown

Robert Munsch

Arthur: The World's Most Famous Aardvark

Berenstain Bears

Story Place @ The Childrens Digital Library
also in Spanish

Children's Storybooks Online

Kid Space @ The Internet Public Library

Reading is Fundamental (1) and (2)



Giggle Poetry

Poetry Rhymes

Poetry 4 Kids

Image Chef

Kids Corner


Sounds, Phonics, and Writing

Sound Match

Little Animals Activity Centre

Letters, Shapes and Colors

Spelling City

Between the Lions


E-Learning for Kids

Letter Generator

Word Builder

Picture Match

What's in the Bag?

Word Family Sort

Flip Book

Sound Match

Beginning Consonants

Rhyme Time

Reading Adventure

Clifford Story

Word Round Up

Another Clifford Story

ABC Order

I Can Read Game


Name the Picture

Real or Make Believe

Finding Bugs

Long A

Short A

Long E

Short E

Long I

Short I

Long O

Short O

Long U

Short U


Destination Math


Think Through Math

Number Sense

Mend the Number Square

Match the Number

More or Less

How Many?

Count the Seahorses

Snakes and Ladders

ABCya! Learn to Count Money




Desert USA

Desert Pictures

Desert Animals



Flight Path

Measure It!

Short, Shorter, Shortest and Long, Longer, Longest

Small, Smaller, Smallest and Large, Larger, Largest

Short, Shorter, Shortest and Tall, Taller, Tallest

Light, Lighter, Lightest and Heavy, Heavier and Heaviest

Empty, Full, Less and More

Double Pan Balance

Measurement Activities

A to Z Teacher Measurment Activitites

Rocks and Soil

Pebbles, Sand and Silt

Rocks and Soil

Neighborhood Rocks

Mineral Photos

Common Objects Made of Minerals

Sand Castles

Luna Moth and Butterflies

Luna Moth

Luna Moth Life Cycle

Luna Moth

Moth and Butterfly Clipart

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Butterfly Life Cycle

Growing Wings

A Monarch Butterfly is Born

Caterpillar Eating a Leaf



The Magic School Bus

Museum of Science

Scanning Electron Microscope


Kids Know It Network

Foss Web

Harcourt Science

Science Clips

Going Buggy

NASA Kids' Club

Social Studies

Census in Schools


Community Helpers

Community Club

Your Neighborhood

What's My Job?

People, Occupations, and Community

Community Helpers

Community Helpers Word Search

Build a Neighborhood

Kid's Next Door


Use a Compass Rose

Go George Go

Technology Brings Change

Technology Brings Change

The Telephone Through the Years - PBS

The Television Timeline

Transportation and Public Transit

Past and Present

Modes of Transportation


Match the Symbols

Texas State Symbols

Texas State Symbols

Songs of Texas

Identifying Texas Symbols

Texas Senate for Kids


Texas Parks and Wildlife

Scott Foresman Social Studies Activities

Fire Safety with Sparky the Fire Dog

Community Club at Scholastic

Sparky the Fire Dog


KLRN United Streaming Videos

Illustrated Scientific Dictionaries

Merriam-Webster Dictionary for Kids


Just for Fun






World Almanac for Kids

PBS Kids

Information Please Almanac

Bembo's Zoo

100th Day of School

Community Club at Scholastic

Fire Safety with Sparky the Fire Dog

Sparky the Fire Dog

Drawing with the Mouse

Interactive Paper Doll - Apples 4 Teachers

Drag the Trash

Coloring Online

Interactive Learning Fun