How many students attend Blattman?

Blattman has approximately 650 students with the following number of classes at each grade level:

  • ECC/PPCD: 1 class
  • Kindergarten: 4 classes
  • First Grade: 5 classes
  • Second Grade: 5 classes
  • Third Grade: 5 classes
  • Fourth Grade: 6 classes
  • Fifth Grade: 4 classes

How do I find out about school events?

  • Look for information to come home on Fridays in your child's Friday Folder. 
  • Blattman teachers and campus publish newsletters. See the Tracks & Facts Campus Newsletter for upcoming events. Electronic copies of the classroom newsletters are on each teacher's web page.
  • Call or email your child's teacher. Teachers' webpages have contact information.

How can I volunteer?

Parent involvement is encouraged and valued. Individuals will be given an array of opportunities to support the school. Parents can start by joining PTA.

How do I register my child?

You can register your child in the Blattman office. Please bring your child's follow documentation:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Residence
  • Immunization Records
  • Social Security Card
  • Photo Identification of Parent/Guardian registering the child
  • Withdrawal Papers from Previous Campus

Can I request a teacher for my child?

Classes are built with a balance. It is not desirable for a child to be in a class predominately boys, girls, fast, slow, aggressive, quiet, or in a class which is skewed along any of the many important human characteristics. Requesting particular teachers causes an unbalanced class. If one request is honored, then all requests need to be honored setting an unrealistic expectation. In order to maximize children's learning, it is essential that equitable, compatible, balanced classes be assembled. Requesting particular teachers cannot be honored. Parents are invited to write a letter describing any learning characteristics about their child. Each letter will be shared with the selected classroom teacher.

What day care facilities are near campus?

Daycare Center Information
These are the ones we are aware of at this time.

  • Braundera YMCA
  • Luv-N-Care Development Centers
    13211 Huebner De. 78230
    (210) 696-5677
  • Country Home Learning Center
    13315 NW Military Hwy, 78231
    (210) 492-3731
  • Kids "R" Kids School of
    Quality Learning #28 TX
    1909 W. Bitters Road
  • Barshop Jewish Community Center
    12500 N.W. Military Highway 78231
    (210) 302-6820
  • Primrose School of Huebner Village
    2410 Huebner Park 78248z