Nancy Dechaine, RN
School Nurse

The school nurse gives first aid only. She does not diagnose illnesses but takes note of symptoms and notifies the parents of her observations if necessary. We ask that children be kept at home when ill and have a normal temperature for 24 - 36 hours after any illness before returning to school. This is important for the health of the child and for the health of all children at the school.

For Your Information


For the protection of all students, we have some very strict rules regarding medication to be given at school. Only medication (both prescription and over-the-counter) can be administered with a written physician’s order and a parent note. The medication must be in the original prescription bottle and kept at the clinic. We ask that an adult deliver the medication to the clinic or school office and an adult will also need to pick it up after school.
***Helpful Hint- Ask the pharmacist for a second bottle for school and place enough doses for the days your child will need it given at school.

Illness at School
If your child becomes ill or severely injured at school we will make every attempt to reach you using the information available on the Emergency Card. If a parent/guardian is not available we will then contact the other alternative adults listed. In an extreme emergency EMS may need to be called.

Absence due to Illness
The nurse has the responsibility if she suspects a contagious health condition to request that the child be picked up by the parent or guardian and examined by a physician for diagnosis and treatment. In the event of a contagious illness, please notify the school upon confirmation of diagnosis.

Non-Participation in Physical Education
A letter or school health form from your doctor is necessary if your child has any special health problem, such as allergies (severe), severe asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, or heart problems which would cause possible restriction of physical education activities. You, the parent, may request that your child be excused from physical education activities for a maximum of three days. Any period longer than that requires a statement from your doctor.