Elementary Dual Language Student Eligibility and Criteria

LEP students regardless of schedule code will be considered for DLI program pending available space.  All other LEP students will receive the State mandated transitional bilingual education program.

Non-LEP students may enter into the DLI program by meeting the proficiency standards set by the following measurements: Pre-LAS, LAS Links, district-developed interview and protocol checklists and assessments.

Priority Order for Interested Students on a Space Available Basis

Priority 1—Students that live within the attendance zone
Priority 2—Students with siblings in the program 
Priority 3—Students living within the cluster
Priority 4—Out of cluster students

A lottery will be necessary if the campus principal determines that the number of interested Non-ELL students exceeds the available seats, based on the above priority order.  

Parental Approval
Parents must provide written approval for all students participating in the program offered by the district.  LEP students must follow the Northside Independent School District parental approval process.  Non-LEP students will utilize the District Dual Language Immersion Program Parental Approval Form.

Expectations for Parents

  • support their children’s linguistic, academic, and socio-cultural development
  • commit to completing the elementary program
  • participate in a minimum of two meetings per year regarding the DLI program
  • promote, advocate, and support the DLI program.
  • encourage use of the second language at home and in the community

Expectations for Students

  • participate in the DLI program in the elementary grades
  • participate in dual language activities during and after school, as available
  • use the second language at home and in the community
  • value multiculturalism
  • maintain high levels of  learning, conduct, and attendance

Transfers and Transportation
Existing district transportation, cap and cluster and DLI choice transfer policies will be followed.   Students must have been in the NISD Dual Language Immersion Program for at least one grading period in order to be considered for entry into a Dual Language Immersion Program at another school pending space availability.