Bilingual/ESL Staff

Noelia Benson
(210) 397-8173


Bilingual/ESL & Dual Language Elementary Specialists

Assist teacher in planning and scheduling the instructional program for LEP students. Serve as a resource person to campus administrators, content area instructional specialists, bilingual and non-bilingual teachers, counselors, special education, and other support personnel.



Linda Espinoza
Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8139



Alma Martinez
Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8187



Mayra Gutierrez-Ibarra
Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8172


Secondary ESOL Specialists

Coordinate the ESOL program at the High Schools & Middle Schools. Provides staff development in second language acquisition for teachers and administrators, LPAC training, and attend ARDs for Limited English proficient students.



Rosario Krause
High School ESOL Specialist
(210) 397-8159



Maria (Lulu) Mendez
Middle School ESOL Specialist
(210) 397-8154


Bilingual/ESL Support Staff




Agda Alderete
Director Sectretary/Bookkeeper
(210) 397-8173




Myrna C. Cervantes
Parent/Language Translation Coordinator
(210) 397-3560


Instructional Support Teachers Elementary & Secondary

Provide support to Bilingual & ESL Campuses.




Erlinda Valderas
I.S.T. Spanish Literacy
(210) 397-0342



Lilia Zamudio
I.S.T. Elem. Science & Social Studies
(210) 397-7755


Testing and Evaluation Department
(Student Placement Center now under the Testing & Evaluation Dept)


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Updated 9/18/2015