Bilingual/ESL Staff

Noelia Benson


Bilingual/ESL Elementary Specialists
Assist teacher in planning and scheduling the instructional program for LEP students. Serve as a resource person to campus administrators, content area instructional specialists, bilingual and non-bilingual teachers, counselors, special education, and other support personnel.



Linda Espinoza
Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8139

Aue, Beard, Boone, Blattman, Carnahan^, Colonies North^, Driggers*, Ellison*, Esparza*+, Evers, Glenoaks*,^ Howsman*+, Leon Springs, Leon Valley*, Linton, Locke Hill, Martin*, McAndrew, McDermott*, Oak Hills Terrace, Powell, Raba^, Rhodes, Thornton^, Villarreal*^+


Alma Martinez
Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8187

Allen*, Braun Station, Cable*^, Carson, Coon, Elrod, Fisher*, Glass, Glenn*, Helotes, Los Reyes*, Mary Hull*, May*^+, Meadow Village, Michael, Myers*, Passmore*+, Scobee, Valley Hi, Wanke*+, Westwood Terrace*.


Mayra Gutierrez-Ibarra
Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8172

Adams Hill^, Alternative Schools, Behlau, Brauchle, Burke*, Cody*, Fernandez^, Forester*, Franklin, Galm, Hatchett^, Henderson*, Hoffman, Holmgreen, Knowlton*, Langley*^, Lewis, Lieck, Mead, Mireles^, Murnin, Nellie Reddix, Nichols, Northside Children Ctr, North West Crossing*^, Ott, Steubing^, Timerwilde.

Secondary ESOL Specialists

Coordinate the ESOL program at the High Schools & Middle Schools. Provides staff development in second language acquisition for teachers and administrators, LPAC training, and attend ARDs for Limited English proficient students.

Rosario Krause
High School ESOL
(210) 397-8159

Brandeis, Brennan, Clark, Holmes, Jay, Marshall, O'Connor, Stevens, Taft, Warren, Northside Alternative, Business Careers, Communication Arts, Excel Academy, Health Careers, Homebound, Holmgreen Jr/Sr, and South Texas Academy.


Maria (Lulu) Mendez
Middle School ESOL
(210) 397-8154

Bernal, Briscoe, Connally, Folks, Garcia, Hobby, Jefferson, Jones, Jordan, Luna, Neff, Pease, Rawlinson, Rayburn, Ross, Rudder, Stevenson, Stinson, Vale, Zachry, NAMS North, NAMS South.

Additional Elementary Campuses: Krueger, Kuentz, Scarborough, Ward

Instructional Support Teachers Elementary & Secondary

Provide support to Bilingual & ESL Campuses.

Erlinda Valderas
I.S.T. Spanish Literacy
(210) 397-0342
Lilia Zamudio
I.S.T. Elem.Sci&Social Stud.
(210) 397-7755

Bilingual/ESL Support Staff

Agda Alderete
Director Sectretary/Bookkeeper
(210) 397-8173
Myrna C. Cervantes
Parent/Language Translation Coordinator
(210) 397-3560

Testing and Evaluation Department

(Student Placement Center now under the Testing & Evaluation Dept)

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Updated 9/18/2015