Bilingual/ESL Staff

Victor Raga
Director of Bilingual & ESL Dept.
(210) 397-8173

Secondary ESOL Specialists
Coordinate the ESOL program at the High & Middle Schools. Provides staff development in second language acquisition for teachers & administrators, and LPAC training for Limited English proficient.

Bilingual/ESL & Dual Language Elementary Specialists
Assist teachers in planning the instructional program for LEP students. Serve as a resource to campus administrators, content area instructional specialists, bilingual and non-bilingual teachers, counselors, and special education.

Diana Diaz 

HS ESOL Specialist
(210) 397-8159

Dr. Maria (Lulu) Mendez
MS ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8961

Linda Espinoza
Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8139

Damaris Gutierrez
Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-3564


Daniel Perez
Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8172

Dr. Adriana Garcia
Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8187

Instructional Support Teachers 
Provide support to ESL & Bilingual Campuses in specific content areas.

Bilingual/ESL Support Staff

Rubi De Hoyos
I.S.T. Elem. Sci & Soc. Stu.
(210) 397-7755 

Rosa Jonasz 

I.S.T. Elem. RLA
(210) 397-8643

Agda Alderete- Dir. Sectretary/Bookkeeper
(210) 397-8173

Claudia Garcia
Centro de Enseñanza/
Parent LngTranslation Coord.

(210) 397-7563
Student Placement Center Staff

Marci Barrientos
SPC Administrator

Bilingual/ESL Specialist
(210) 397-8184

Ana Aguilar
SPC  Coordinator
(210) 397-7645

Andrea Aguirre
SPC Secretary
Mina Alas
SPC Testing Appraiser
(210) 397-8724
Erica Garza
SPC Secretary
210 397-8155
Patsy Henson
Support Technologist
(210) 397-8147
Peggy Maass
SPC Testing Appraiser
210 397-8157
Julia Rodriguez
SPC Secretary
Laura Sanchez
SPC Testing Appraiser

SPC Testing Appraiser
210 397-8854


Updated 10/11/2019