Social Studies

Interactive Social Studies Sites

K-2nd Grade

Ben's Guide to US Government--teaches students important government facts
Presidents--White House guide to the Presidents
Texas House of Representatives--kids guide to the Texas House
Texas Senate Kids--kids guide to the Texas Senate
Texas Symbols--list of the various Texas Symbols
Franny's Feet--explore the globe with Franny
The White House--official White House site
PBS White House Tour--tour the White House by PBS
Inventors--Flip Cards on TIME for Kids
The First Thanksgiving--Scholastic Interactive Site

3rd-5th Grade

Dust Bowl--a webquest on the Dust Bowl and its affects on the US
Dust Bowl_PBS Interactive--an interactive experience on the Dust Bowl
GoWest--travel with Lewis & Clark
Jamestown--online adventure to Jamestown
Become a Spice Trader--Travel to the East as a Spice Trader during the Renaissance
City of San Antonio--official site of SA Government
SAFD--San Antonio Fire Department
SAPD--San Antonio Police Department
SA Library--San Antonio Library (kid stuff)
EPA--US Environmental Protection Agency 
President for a Day--Kids can apply for President
First Thanksgiving--Plimoth Plantation Site-Interactive
FEMA--for kids
Alamo--Official Site
Institute of Texan Cultures--
Famous Texans--List of famous Texans
The Oregon Trail--interactive map
Underground Railroad--take the journey, National Geographic Site
Pathways to Freedom--Underground Railroad site
British Battles--Battles of the American Revolution
People of American Revolution--Links to important people of the American Revolution
American Revolution--sites for kids
Congress for Kids--Learn about the American Government
Constitution for Kids--National Constitutin Center
Three Branches of Government--printable
Inventions Timeline--Links to many time periods
Famous Inventors--List of famous inventors A to Z
Gold Rush--PBS interactive site (choose an adventurer to follow)
Iron Age--A BBC interactive site on the Iron Age