We have a great counseling staff dedicated to seeing all our students succeed.

Counselor Connections Newsletter

Students with a last name is between A-L see
Anissa Pennick
Lead Counselor

Students with a last name is between M-Z see
Mallory Bustos

Students may see their counselor before school, during lunch, or after school or by requesting an appointment.

College and Career Readiness Technician:

Valeria Crowson -

Ms. Crowson is the campus go-to resource for information on scholarship opportunities, information about universities and financial aid, and career exploration. 

Cindy Masden -

Ms. Masden is our registrar/counselor secretary/ attendance secretary.  If you need information regarding transcripts or turning in absence notes, you can contact her at via email or phone at 397-7074.


NISD Guidance Webpage

Paying for College

The 7 Student Skill Goals

Self-esteem Development

Students will learn to manage their feelings, have accurate self-concept, and value their uniqueness

Motivation to Achieve

Students will take advantage of educational opportunities, develop their academic potential, take responsibility for their educational planning, and understand how career choices affect lifestyles

Decision-making & Problem Solving

Students will solve problems, make good decisions, set goals and make plans, accept consequences of decisions and accept and manage change

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Students will make and keep friends, understand other's feelings, respect others' feelings and participate effectively in groups

Communication Skills

Students will understand communications skills, listen to others and express themselves appropriately

Cross-cultural Effectiveness

Students will respect family units, respect traditions of communities, respect their own culture and heritage, relate effectively with others based on appreciation for differences

Responsible Behavior

Student will accept responsibility for their behavior, manage their time efficiently, be self-disciplined and respect laws and rules

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