Aue Pirate Day!!!

‘Tis the Season to Swash Yer Buckle!

As part of our “Aue Learning Adventures,” we will be celebrating Talk Like
a Pirate Day this Wednesday, September 19. All staff and children are
invited to dress up as a pirate for the day. We do not anticipate that
costumes will need to be bought and we have listed some suggestions to

Dress up ideas:
T-shirts: striped or a bright color or a shirt, a waistcoat can also be worn.
Hats: scarf wrapped around head, pirate hat, dark woolly hat.
Trousers: jeans, leggings or any kind of dark trousers.
Extras: boots, belt, eye patch (real or make-up inspired one)
Please do not send your child to school with any weapon or sharp object that day.