Allen News Network Debuts

Jerry D. Allen Elementary has revived and revamped LCKN. The new Allen News Network (ANN) consists of nine 5th Grade students who have dedicated their time to bring the news to the campus. Mrs. Leija (CIT), Coach Perez,  Mrs. Tiller (Music), and Mrs. Young (Librarian) are the producers who have taken on the challenge of bringing back the morning announcements. The students arrive every morning at 7:20 AM to take on a variety of jobs in order to bring the news to the teachers, staff and students. From camera to director, the students run Allen News from start to finish. Allen News Network has a new theme song written by Mrs. Tiller that grabs the students attention every morning at 7:45. The news broadcast is a bi-lingual program that is geared towards the entire population at Allen Elementary. The students are very excited to be a part of this new endeavor. The hope is to grow this program to four separate teams over the next few years. Mrs. Leija stated, "Hopefully the 4th graders will see the morning news and get excited about the possibility of joining the news crew the following year. We really want to make this something that is 100% student based and give as many students an opportunity to participate as possible. This will take time, but I am confident that as the years pass, enthusiasm for the news crew will grow."