Woods' Weekly

Woods' Weekly

Woods' Weekly is written by Superintendent Brian T. Woods and is sent to Northside ISD staff every Monday to keep them updated on local and state education issues.

June 4, 2018  

Good morning.  Last week I had the pleasure to attend the transition ceremony for students who have been at our Reddix Center.  It was wonderful to hear how these students have overcome their challenges and their plans for independent living.  It was also fantastic to look at the faces of proud family members and think that we played a small role in these accomplishments.  Long time NISD board member and disability advocate, Nellie Reddix, passed away a little less than a year ago and I know she would be proud of the work that is being done at the school that bears her name.  Thanks to the NISD Special Education Department, Principal Robin Fields and the staff at the Reddix Center for all of your compassion and hard work.

I was also pleased to attend the Young Gentlemen’s Organization (YGO) end of year celebration.  This group exists at several of our elementary and middle school campuses and serves to reinforce strong character traits in young men.  I have really enjoyed visiting with YGO groups and I am always impressed by how they dress and shake hands while looking you in the eye.  The YGO groups also perform community service projects around their schools and in their communities.  This is just one more example of how we teach not only academic skills, but character as well!

As I look back on the school year it has been one filled with the accomplishments of NISD students and staff.  We keep making progress on many fronts and continue to enjoy the support of our community.  A partial list of this year’s accomplishments includes: having NISD campuses recognized as national PTA schools of excellence; being named one of the best communities for music education in the nation; passing the largest bond proposal in District history; and setting all time high graduation rate and college credits earned by our middle and high school students.  Beginning this week, over 6,700 NISD students will walk the stage at graduation.  This is a celebration for everyone who reads this.  No matter what your role is, all of us contribute to our students’ successes.  By the way, the 2018 graduating class has accumulated $137 million in college scholarship offers to date!  This is also the most ever.

This continued success and the positive reputation it contributes to is key to why NISD is considered a leader across Texas.  Further, I believe that our trajectory continues to point upward.  We have not yet reached our full potential and as long as we are willing to be reflective about our practice and look for opportunities we will continue to improve. 

Looking forward to the upcoming years, we must continue to focus on customer service to our students and families.  Regardless of how we feel about competition in the education space, it is here to stay.  That means that we listen to customer voice and react, when we can, to meet changing demands.  In Northside, some things will always be non-negotiable like educating every child regardless of intellectual ability or family background, providing rigor in everything we offer, and working together and proactively to address areas of need.

Where we can make changes and improvements that benefit our students and families we need to do so.  We should not accept the thinking of, “it’s always been this way…”  In the past year we have made or plan to make many of these types of changes and I look forward to seeing the results.  Please be on the lookout for how enhancements can be made in your individual NISD sphere of influence.  All of us can and MUST take every opportunity to maximize the experience of all NISD students.

It has been my honor and pleasure to serve as your superintendent for another year and I look forward to many more years with Northside.  I want to thank all of you for your work and advocacy on behalf of our organization and our very important clients – our children.  I hope that the coming months allow you to slow down a little and enjoy the things that make you the happiest.  For those who work through the summer to keep our buildings well maintained and safe, a special thanks to you.  This will be the last issue of Woods’ Weekly for the school year –have a great week and enjoy your summer!

Have a great week!