PACCT Overview

College and Career Success 

The PACCT program is specifically designed to meet the needs of adult learners who are beginning or returning to higher education and those preparing to start a new career. PACCT encourages and facilitates successful transitioning by: 

  • Aligning class instruction with the Alamo College’s developmental courses and with the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards.
  • Simulating a college and professional environment with the class format, expectations, and scheduling.
  • Building critical support systems.
  • Creating social and academic networking opportunities. 

Academic Instruction 

The PACCT curriculum addresses the gap that often exists between the skills necessary to complete secondary education and those needed to successfully participate in college-level courses. This specialized and innovative curriculum is based on: 

  • Texas College and Career Readiness Standards
  • Developmental Education and college-level coursework
  • Expertise of experienced instructors and administrators
  • Feedback from students and evaluators 

Student Support 

A dedicated student advisor will be available daily to address students’ needs and concerns. Through frequent meetings, the advisor will assist each student in determining their goals, perceived barriers, and academic and professional preparedness.