How much are the classes?
These classes are FREE and can potentially save you money in the future by helping you to score better on the college entrance exam thereby allowing you to skip one or more developmental courses.

Is childcare provided?
Unfortunately, the PACCT program is unable to provide childcare for its participants.

Are classes offered in the evening or on weekends?
No, currently classes are only offered during the day. If you would be interested in attending these classes either in the evenings or on the weekends, please contact us.

Do I have to attend all 3 courses offered?
No. While the Student Development course is mandatory, you can choose to only take Introduction to College Reading & Writing or Introductory/Intermediate Algebra.

Will I need to purchase books?
While books are available for purchase, it is not required that you purchase them. They can be loaned to you for the semester.

Is everyone that applies accepted to the PACCT program?
No. Acceptance is based upon multiple factors including personal interviews, test scores, and completed application and essay. It is essential that the student’s goals align with those of the PACCT program.

Is it okay to miss a few days of class?
Attendance is crucial for successful completion of the PACCT program. While we understand emergencies arise, it is important that students avoid absences at all costs. Excessive absences can result in dismissal from the program.

I found out about PACCT after the classes started. Can I still join?
You cannot enter the classes once they are in progress, but we encourage you to apply for the next semester. 

My high school diploma is from another country, can I still participate in PACCT?
Yes. If you intend to attend a college in the United States, you should consider having your transcripts translated and evaluated as they are required upon acceptance to a college or university.