Acceptable Use Policy

School districts throughout the country, including Northside ISD, have moved into the "Information Age" by providing network and Internet access for students and employees. These technology tools, used wisely, provide global information resources, opportunities for collaboration and communication, and media-rich teaching and learning experiences for students and educators.

To function effectively in this environment, students and staff must assume personal responsibility to behave ethically, even when technology provides them the freedom to do otherwise. This Web site is a collection of district-developed strategies, resources, guidelines, and policies that address how students, staff, and parents may best use the Internet and related technologies.

Policies and Regulations

Applicable NISD Board Policies include:

NISD Administrative Regulations

  • The NISD Administrative Regulations that apply to AUP are:
    • TEC-01 - Electronic Communication and Data Management
    • TEC-02 - User/Workstation Security Measures
    • TEC-04 - Technology Standards and Technology Acquisitions
    • TEC-06 - Password Reset Requests
    • TEC-08 - District E-mail Usage Regulations
    • TEC-09 - District E-mail Retention Regulation
    • TEC-10 - Mobile Technology Equipment Security Measures

Forms for Students, Staff, and Non-District Users

Access to the Northside ISD network and Internet are provided to students, employees, and community members as tools for conducting school business. Appropriate access and use of these resources is the responsibility of the user, and the user is held responsible for their behavior with technology.

For those with students under their supervision, it is important to "lay the ground rules" with students before beginning any classroom projects involving the Internet and the network. Instructors must actively monitor students as they use the computer equipment, and help them become ethical and responsible users of the Internet and related technologies.

Forms for Students

Forms for Non-District Users