Special Education : Directory


Krista Garcia Director of Special Education 397-8742
Valerie Uriegas Asst. Dir. of Special Education for High School Campuses 397-8754
Kristen Solis Asst. Dir. of Special Education for Middle School Campuses 397-8754
Veronica Mechler            Asst. Dir. of Special Education for Elementary School Campuses 397-8754
Alexander Langley Compliance Officer 397-8754


Susanne Bridges Elementary Area Coordinator 397-8859
Nicole Brooks Middle School Area Coordinator 397-8797
Chedra Brown High School Area Coordinator 397-8732
Deloris Chandler
Elementary Area Coordinator
Jenice Dames Elementary Area Coordinator 397-3568
Jennifer-C Davidson Elementary Area Coordinator 397-8739
David Delgado High School Area Coordinator 397-3562
Olivia Gold Middle School Area Coordinator    397-8737
Stacy Hobdy Middle School Area Coordinator 397-8746
Michelle Kolar Program Coordinator 397-8751
Patrick Lessner Autism Program Coordinator 397-8753
Rosemary Mata-Sonora Elementary Area Coordinator     397-8778
Crystal Perez Elementary Area Coordinator 397-8740
Sharla Powell
High School Area Coordinator
Theresa Puckett ECSE Program Coordinator 397-8751
Nora Sanders Dyslexia Program Coordinator  397-8731
Vacant Co-Teach Program Coordinator  397-8886
Annette Van Slambrouck Elementary Area Coordinator 397-8825
Alicen Wittman
Elementary Area Coordinator
Mark Yarber Elementary Area Coordinator 397-3514

Related Services/Lead Specialists

Lynn Alessandro Homebound 397-8811
Anita Capparuccini Auditory Services, Orientation & Mobility, Regional Day School for the Deaf, Visual Services 397-1578
Anita Bamford Physical Therapy 397-2426
Denise Garcia Bedside Hospital Program for Children with Medical Disabilities 397-7546
Rhonda George Social Services Care Manager Caseworker 397-5482
Jana Hernandez Speech Language Pathology Program 397-8751
Courtney Hight Music Therapy 397-2546
Yvonne Larralde Social Services Care Manager Caseworker 397-2418
Janis Mazurek Speech Language Pathology Program, Assistive Technology 397-2460
Audrey Rek Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) /Early Childhood Collaborative Program (ECC) 397-3569
Michelle Smith Occupational Therapy 397-2429
Donna Umhoefer Adapted Physical Education, Special Olympics 397-2453