Special Education



  • A letter re: HB657, describes the processes in place for 5th & 8th grade students who failed STAAR.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that educators engage special needs students with high-quality, intentional instruction to ensure growth and personal success.

Our Vision

Our special needs students will be enabled individuals prepared for personal success.

Our Beliefs

  • All special needs students are general education students first.
  • Individual needs, not labels, programs, or places drive decisions for special needs students
  • A full continuum of services is assured for all special needs students.
  • Quality educators hold high expectations and have a growth mindset for all special needs students
  • Special needs students are the shared responsibility of school leaders, staff, parents, students, and community
  • All special needs students will be in positive learning environments guided by engaged and qualified teachers and staff.
  • Communication, collaboration, and cooperation are essential to the provision of quality services for special needs students.
  • The delivery of quality curriculum and instruction empowers special needs students to be meaningfully connected to educational experiences.  


Northside has over 11,000 students qualifying for special education and related services. Our staff of over 2,000 teachers, instructional assistants, speech pathologists, special education coordinators, licensed school psychologists, and other related service specialists is dedicated to providing exceptional individualized services to students. According to both federal and state law, the goal of special education is to help students with disabilities become as independent as possible as they move through the grade levels. Furthermore, the law requires each student become employable, if possible, when they leave the educational setting. This may include opportunities to pursue post-high school education. Each program and service provided through special education is devoted to these goals.

The special education department is not able to reach these goals alone. We value the partnerships we have built with our parents/guardians in this effort. We encourage all visitors to navigate through our resources within this site. If any of our staff may be of service to you, please contact us. We hope you enjoy learning more about the people and services our Special Education Department provides in the Northside Independent School District.