AVID Programs : About

AVID Vision

All AVID students in NISD will develop the individual determination to complete a college education, obtain a fulfilling career and live a productive life.


The NISD AVID program will ensure that our students will prepare for the rigors and trials of college by:
  • Continuing to open access to rigorous curriculum for all AVID students while teaching students the skills needed to be successful in those classes
  • Providing quality Educator Training to campus content teachers so that ALL students are served with the best practices found in AVID in alignment with the district scope and sequence
  • Providing students with opportunities to develop leadership, mentorship, and social skills while fostering civic responsibility
  • Continuing to support the growth of the AVID Programs in all NISD Learning Communities
  • Utilizing the District AVID Advisory Board in key decision making
  • Developing AVID Demonstration Sites
  • Reinforcing the consistency of the AVID Program in the district

AVID Activities

  • Learning with college tutors
  • Writing for all classes
  • Developing success strategies and study skills for lifelong learning
  • Enrolling in Pre-AP/AP coursework
  • Continuously planning and preparing for college success
  • Preparing for a professional career
  • Pursuing job shadowing or career day
  • Visiting college campuses
  • Interacting with guest speakers
  • Participating in extracurricular activities
  • Developing leadership skills
  • Participating in community service events
  • And many, many more