Heart of a Warrior 2013

The Heart of a Warrior, first edition, is now available. Students in Mrs. Keller's Advanced Graphic Design class designed the book, while students in Mrs. Clarac's GT Leadership class wrote the descriptions for those nominees being honored in the book.

Congratulations to all those featured in the book:

Mrs. Helen Coignet
Cleo Martinez
Mrs. & Mrs. Whitaker
Lauren Setien-Gonzalez
Kay Wright
David Empson
Angela Taylor-Blackshear
Donna Schmidt
Mary Lagleder
Debra Keller
Sue & Larry Rogers
Connie Ramos
Taylor Noblett
Alondra Ramirez
Michael Robledo
Gaby Varela
Michelle Trevino
Elijah D. Daniel

If you would like to purchase a hardcopy of the book for $21just click HERE to purchase.