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The Wanke Wire
No Shots, No School! - Don’t forget to have your children’s immunizations up to date.  Texas law and NISD policy will not allow students to be enrolled until all immunizations are current.  You may call 207-8894 for more information.  [Read More...]

Student School Supplies- You can find a copy of all grade level student supplies at the Wanke Web site at  Also, many local retailers will have copies on hand to help you buy your needed supplies.  You can also contact us 397-6700 or via the website email for assistance with questions you may have.

Summer Office Hours and Registrations - Regular office hours are 7:00am to 3:45pm M-F.  In order to register your child, you will need an original birth certificate, a current immunization record, proof of residence, and your child’s social security number in order to register your child.  Please call us if you have questions at 397-6700.

Meet The Teacher and Orientations

Meet the Teacher will be on Thursday, August 22nd 5:00 – 7:00pm in your child’s classrooms for all grade levels.  See schedule below for Orientation Times:  

5:00 – 2nd Grade Orientation

5:30 – 3rd Grade Orientation

6:00 – 4th Grade Orientation

6:30 – 5th Grade Orientation

Sept. 5th – Kinder  4:45pm

1st Grade  5:30pm

We will also have representatives from Learning Tree, PTA, daycares, and NISD Transportation on hand if you need information.  The brand new Wanke Wolves t-shirts will also be on sale in the office area.  Families may go to their children’s classrooms to drop off supplies, meet the teacher, and hear important information about the school year.  We expect large numbers of people in each classroom, so it will be very important for parents to monitor their children and expect excellent behavior and manners during these important meetings.  You may tour the building after the meetings.  Also, a special session for children in our bilingual classrooms will be held in the library 30 minutes before each grade level session.  Class lists will be posted on the office windows on August 21st at 12:00pm.  We can’t wait to see you!

Class Placements…IMPORTANT!!!!   Staffing of the District’s schools is based on projected enrollment figures.  The process of staffing begins in February preceding each upcoming school year and continues after the school year begins.  As principal, I will be working daily with Central Office personnel on staffing allocations in order to finalize the 2013 – 2014 class schedules for our students. Due to District budgetary constraints and state law mandating class size in grades K through 4, as well as course qualifying factors at the secondary level, it may be necessary to revise your child’s schedule during the first three weeks of the school year.  We will try to avoid this if possible; however, we want to inform you that it might be necessary to consolidate classes and move teachers between classes, grade levels, or schools.  We will notify parents whose children are affected as soon as possible.

The First Day…Monday August 26th! - We welcome parents to bring their children to school the first day.  Be prepared for heavy traffic, however, as we get really crowded in our parking areas.  We want the children to get used to their new routines as quickly as possible, so it is best for all parents to say their goodbyes and head on to your destinations as quickly as possible.  Beginning the second day of classes, we ask that anyone coming into the building will sign in at the office and get their visitor’s tag.  You will need proper ID to sign in.  At 7:40, when the first bell rings, we will be asking all parents to exit the building and allow learning to begin!  If you wish to have a conference with your child’s teacher, please call or email them to schedule an appointment so as to protect all learning time.  Also, any classroom visits must be approved by the principal or designee, again so as to minimize classroom disruptions.  We want to maintain a Family Friendly atmosphere while at the same time ensuring child safety and instructional integrity.

The First Day of School Continued - All students are to report to the areas listed below on the first day of school.  Parents may drop off their children on the front curb beginning at 7:00am.  If you wish to escort your children to their areas, you will need to park in the large visitor and faculty parking lot to the north of the office (nearest Prue) and come through the crosswalk with your child.  Staff members will be present to direct children and parents to their appropriate destinations.

ECC, PPCD, Pre-Kinder, Kinder–  The Cafeteria, Kinder on the stage.

First, Second, and Third Grade – The Gym

Fourth, and Fifth Grades – Halls outside their classrooms  

All Breakfast Eaters – Cafeteria

*Note: In order to get through the line and have time to finish eating, please have your children here for breakfast no later than 7:20am.  This should allow enough time eat and be on time to class by 7:40am.

The Raptor System - NISD uses a procedure that checks everyone’s driver’s license or valid ID through an electronic system.  All visitors to campus MUST swipe their ID and be cleared in the system before a visitor’s badge is issued and the person enters the school during hours of operation (7:00am – 345pm).  Remember, the bottom line is your child's safety. 

Boo Hoo …Yahoo!!! - If you find it very difficult to let your little one go on the first day, the wonderful Wanke PTA will have a “Boo Hoo/Yahoo Time” in the Wanke Library. They will be there to offer you a hot cup of coffee, a bite to eat, and a shoulder to cry or giggle on!  This is a great way for you to be able to let your tiny ones get under way in their new class, and a great way for you to get to know other parents who have the same heartbreak on the first day.

Traffic Issues  - Our goal is to make traffic as safe and as smooth as possible for our students and families.  All parent drop offs and pick ups will be in the long driveway that is closest to Prue Road.  The entrance nearest Bandera is reserved for busses and staff only.  We will have Daddy Patrols and staff on duty each morning and afternoon to assist you with drop offs and pick ups beginning at 7:00am on the first day.  I am asking that every parent and family member do their best to observe signs and kindly follow directions from our parking lot patrols.  I am also asking that all drivers exhibit patience and good manners as we all strive to keep our kids safe and continue to be good role models for our children. Your help and patience is greatly appreciated!

Cell Phones and Electronic Communication Devices in the Parking Lot! - Some drivers are talking/texting on their cell phones and other devices during drop off and pick up in our parking lot. We have had three near accidents in the past and I am very concerned for the safety of our children, staff, and family members.  Please refrain from using any electronic communication devices while in the Wanke parking lot so you are able to concentrate completely on driving. Thank you for your support and help in helping all of us keep everyone safe at our great school.

Time is  of the Essence! - We hope that all families will work together with Wanke to be sure that we model punctuality for our students.  Not only is this a good lifelong habit to develop in our children, it is also less disruptive to the child’s educational experience to get them to school on time on a daily basis.  I have often, on morning announcements, asked the kids to ask their parents to get them up 5 minutes earlier if they have been having difficulties getting to school on time.  Also, remember that there is a lot of traffic in the mornings and it may take an additional five or so minutes to make it to class.  Our first bell is at 7:40am and the tardy bell is at 7:45.  All students should be in their rooms by 7:45.  Again, we thank you for your support!

Student/Parent Handbooks - All Wanke families will receive notification of Student/Parent Handbooks both from NISD and the campus as being available on the Wanke website.  These booklets have a ton of information on just about everything that would concern your child, school, and policies.  Please read them carefully and sign and return all forms that indicate that you have read and understood the contents of both handbooks.  We will not send home paper copies unless you request one from the school office. 

Parental Involvement and Volunteers at Wanke - Here are just some of the areas where parent involvement and volunteers help make the difference at Wanke:

Mentoring / Tutoring, Joining the PTA Pals Program, Attending Field Trips, Classroom / Office Support, School Advisory Team, Bike Rodeo, Preparing classroom materials, Daddy Patrols (AM and PM parking lot support) and many more. Background Checks must be updated in August for the 2013-2014 school year. (

Dates to Remember!

August   21           Class Lists Posted 12:00pm

August   22           Meet The Teacher    and Orientations – See article above

August   26           1st Day of Schhool!  7:45am  Come early!!! 

                              BooHoo Yahoo   7:45am Library

Sept 2                    Labor Day Holiday

Sept 4                    GT Awareness Night    6:30pm

Sept 5                    Pk?Kinder and 1st Grade Orientations

       PreK/Kinder                  4:45pm

       1st Grade                       5:30pm

Sept 6                    Grandparent’s Breakfast  7:00am

Sept 20                  Pack Mtg   7:45am

                              Early Release  11:45am

Sept 26                  Noche Familiar  5:30 – 7:00pm       

Sept 27                 Progress Reports Go Home

Oct 2,3                  Individual Picture Days (Grade levels TBA)

Oct 14                   Student Holiday/Teacher Staff Development