Dual Language Kinder Cohort for 2013 cancelled due to low enrollments

Dear Wanke Families,

Carl Wanke Elementary School currently implements a Dual Language instructional model in Kinder
through third grades. This model is a supplement to the state-mandated transitional bilingual program.
Each year since 2009, a Dual Language cohort has been started in kindergarten and will continue
through fifth grade and operates in addition to the transitional bilingual classrooms at each grade level.
District procedures allow for Dual Language cohorts to be started at Kindergarten only.

However, given current numbers of bilingual students projected to enroll in kindergarten at Wanke
next year, we will not be able to build a kindergarten Dual Language cohort for 2013-2014. We are
cancelling all introductory Dual Language meetings for the spring of 2013. As enrollment progresses
through the summer months, we will keep close watch on numbers of bilingual students in kindergarten
and determine whether or not a 2013 cohort is feasible.

Wanke will continue have at least one transitional bilingual classroom in every grade level and will
continue the current Dual Language model in grades 1 through 4 for the 2013-2014 school year. Please
feel free to contact me at 210-397-6700 if you questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued
support of our school.


Don Van Winkle, Principal