Vale Connected

Vale Connected - Vale is a "Bring your own Device" (BYOD) campus and the most current information can be found on our website.  Parent/Student/Community members are also encouraged to join us on Twitter and via Remind101.    Vale is active on Twitter and can be found @NISDVale.  Tweets include, but are not limited to: reminders about upcoming events, exciting things going on within our campus and any emergency information we are asked to send out.   We will also "retweet" information send out by NISD via @NISD in case parents are not registered for both accounts.  Vale also has several Remind101 accounts.  If you would like to receive quick text messages about happenings at Vale - text "@stingray" to 267-281-6019 - this will connect you with the Vale Parents' site.  All teachers on campus also have Remind101 accounts and are being encouraged to send home reminders on projects, and upcoming tests etc.  Though teachers may elect to send home daily texts on homework - they are not required to do this daily.  If you are interested in the Remind101 information for a particular teacher - contact them directly via email and they can get you their Remind101 account information.   

Vale Stingrays are "digital natives" and have grown up in an amazing time of technology and wonder.  In order to "catch up with the times" - Vale is now a BYOD campus and our students are encouraged to bring their electronic devices/smartphones (with parent permission) to use during their instruction daily on campus.  For those students that do not have access to technology, the campus has several opportunities to assist students with open computer lab times, use of library computers, access to ipods in class, as well as the basic paper copies if necessary for students to get what they need.  6th grade math and science students are experiencing "flipped" classrooms - where videos of their lessons are posted online prior to their actual activies, and students are encouraged to watch prior to class and take notes so they are ready for the activities once they are at school.  Teachers are working on posting videos after their lessons as well for student reference for homework assistance and students are working with teachers to create "tutoring" videos that will be posted to assist those that may need help outside of class.  Many exciting activities are happening with various free applications which include interactive quizes, and use of QR codes to find specific information via the internet.   If you stingray hasn't told you what they are doing in class - don't be afraid to ask because so exciting and amazing learning is taking place in all our classrooms here at Vale.