Late Work Policy

Vale M. S. Late Work Policy

We must structure opportunities into each child’s daily routine that will enable him or her to experience feelings of competence, belonging, usefulness, potency, and optimism.   - Sagor, 1996


Students will be given 5 school days from the original due date to turn in work. If the assignment is not turned in after 5 days, then the student will receive a zero.

Teachers may only deduct a total of 10 points for late assignments, regardless of days late. Teachers must call the student’s parent/guardian, within 24 hours of the original due date, to inform them that their child did not turn in the assignment and has 5 school days to turn it in. If a parent contact is not made, then the teacher may not hold the student to the 5 day rule. Teachers should remind students of approaching deadlines for turning in late work. Teachers can send students to the POP (Power of Potential) After School Program to complete their homework or missing assignments.