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Campus and Webmaster Email Links for Websites
To set a campus administration or webmaster email link, follow these easy steps:
  1. NISD Contact Us email
  link locationClick the Contact Us link at the bottom of the NISD homepage.

  2. From the I wish to contact… menu,
    select …a School/Campus.

  3. Choose the school type (High School, Middle School, etc.) from the list.

  4. Select your school from the list that appears to the right.

  5. Right-click the Webmaster link, and choose Copy Shortcut (Internet Explorer) or Copy Link Location (Firefox) from the menu.

    Copying Webmaster email
  link location

  6. Open your campus website index page in Dreamweaver.

  7. Highlight the Webmaster link on the page and paste the link address into the Link box in the Properties.

  8. Repeat Step 7 with the Administration link.

  9. Save the page and upload!