CIT Meeting -- 15 November 2011
-- Marlo Brown, Technology Training & Development

Adding an E-mail Link -- the Right Way!

An e-mail link is a wonderful addition to a teacher's CMS Outreach page. It must be done correctly, to avoid inviting unwanted SPAM messages. Go through the NISD homepage, and you can find an e-mail link for any current employee. This link sends the visitor to a form that they can fill out to send an e-mail.

NO symbol Don't link directly to an e-mail address! - This is what "spam-bots" are looking for.

A Better Way!
It's simple to use the NISD Contact Us system for a secure e-mail link:

  1. Click one of the two Contact Us links at the bottom of the NISD homepage.
  2. Contact Us links
  3. Under I wish to contact... choose ...a District Employee...
  4. In the ...whose last name is..., type your last name. You can follow the last name with a comma and as much of the first name as you wish, such as: brown, ma
  5. I wish to contact...
  6. Right-click on your name and select Copy Shortcut to copy the address into your computer's memory.
  7. In your CMS Outreach page, place your cursor where you want the e-mail link, then click the Insert Hyperlink button (Insert Hyperlink button) in the tools.
  8. In the URL: box in the window that appears, Paste the link information that you copied in Step 4.
  9. Change the Target: box to New window. This will open the e-mail message page in a new window or tab of the visitor's browser.
  10. In the Title: box, type the text that visitors will click for the e-mail, such as:

            E-mail Me!
  11. Click the [OK] button, then [Save and Set Active].
  12. Don't forget to test your e-mail link.

District Events Calendar

Appendix D provides background information regarding the District Events Calendar. The District Events Calendar can be embedded onto your index page and updates to the calendar will immediately appear on your index page. See an examplen at:

Click in the location of the index page where you want to embed your calendar. In this example we are going to embed it in the middle column. With the cursor now flashing where you want the calendar to embed, change to Code View. Dreamweaver will display that part of the code where your cursor presently is. Enter the following code:

<iframe src=""
width="240" height="300" frameborder="no" scrolling="auto"></iframe>

The ### is a 1-3 digit number found at the links list at Look for the number at the end of the link.

For example, Braun Station Elementary ( would be associated with 66.

Save and preview your calendar.

New Logos!

The New NISD logo
The New NISD logo
Northside has new logos 1 for the 2011-2012 school year. The new logos have the Service Mark ("SM") symbol included as part of the image. The new guidelines state that the Service Mark symbol is part of the logo and must not be altered or removed 2.

These new logos -- all available on the NISD Intranet -- are now the official Northside logos. They should be used anywhere the Northside logo appears, including campus and department Web pages.

Because of the Service Mark symbol, guidelines state that the minimum height for the Northside logo is now ".85 inches," which comes out to NISD Web logo at 55x96 pixels
Logo at
55x96 px
about 62 pixels at 72 pixels/inch (Web resolution), but at that size the Service Mark symbol: a policy violation. Instead, the Northside logo should be at a minimum height of 96 pixels, as shown to the left.

We should begin using the new logos in our websites, as well as replacing existing logos throughout our sites. The easiest way, of course, is to upload new logos with the same filenames as the old ones, so that they will appear in existing pages without having to edit the Web pages themselves. Care should be taken to remove logos that would be too small for the Service Mark symbol to appear clearly.

1. The new Northside ISD logos can be found at:

2. The Northside ISD Logo Style Guide is at: