Northside ISD Strategic Plan : 2008 - 2013


PRIORITY: Implement and support technological and human infrastructures that maximize the purposeful use of technology to achieve academic, personal, and organizational excellence.

1. Ensure that all students demonstrate relevant information, communications, and technology competencies necessary for digital-age literacy.
2. Infuse appropriate instructional technologies throughout the curriculum to engage students, differentiate instruction, and strengthen learning and achievement.
3. Provide appropriate staff development opportunities that meet the needs of diverse learners in order to promote continuous growth of technology competencies expected for successful job performance.
4. Implement and support research-based, integrated technology systems and solutions that aid in decision-making and fulfilling instructional and operational requirements.
5. Develop, implement, monitor, and adjust plans and policies that address technology priorities, standards, access, and use.
6. Ensure access to reliable and well-supported technology and network systems to meet current and emerging needs.

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