Technology Management Services

Working with district and campus level staff, Technology Management Services develops, implements and oversees technology-related standards, policies, procedures, revenues, acquisitions and security throughout the District. Follow the links below to learn more.

  • Administrative Regulations (intranet only)
    • TEC-01 Electronic Communications and Data Management
    • TEC-02 User/Workstation Security Measures
    • TEC-04 Technology Standards and Acquisition of Technology Equipment and Software
    • TEC-05 Access Control Restrictions for Technology Equipment in MDF/IDF Facilities
    • TEC-06 Password Reset Requests
    • TEC-07 Transfer of Records
    • TEC-08 District E-Mail Usage Regulation
    • TEC-09 District E-Mail Retention Regulation
    • TEC-10 Mobile Technology Equipment Security Measures
    • TEC-11 Destruction of Records, Reports or Related Documents
    • ITS-02 Parent Or Legal Guardian Access To Education Records Of Students And Former Students Who Are 18 Or Older
    • ITS-03 Student Directory Information
    • ITS-08 Employee Directory Information
    • LIB-01 Delivery of Newspaper Subscriptions
    • LIB-02 Circulation of Library Materials to The Community
    • LIB-03 Accountability for Teacher Resource Material
    • LIB-04 Textbook Accounts
    • LIB-05 Distribution and Lending of Textbooks
    • LIB-06 Librarian Professional Development And Appraisal System
    • LIB-07 TV And Cart Safety
    • LIB-08 Interlibrary Loan
    • LIB-09 Stolen Textbooks and Library Books
    • LIB-10 Guidelines for Selection, Evaluation, and Reconsideration of Library Materials

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