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Each program within the Student Services Department provides valuable services to both campuses and students. A brief description of each program follows:

Adult & Community Education - Provides education and enrichment activities for citizens of all ages in the Northside community, including: continuing and remedial education for adults; job training; cultural enrichment and recreation; programs to help school age children succeed in school, and which are supportive of parental involvement

State & Federal Programs - Provides programs and services to those students who are at risk of not achieving or drop-out, as well as services to students from low income families at most campuses.

Testing/ Evaluation -Services are provided to students and campuses through means of standardized testing. Evaluation of services is also offered to campuses and programs.

Guidance/Counseling - A comprehensive guidance program, including counseling services, is provided to all students in the District. In addition, the guidance office administers the District's safe and drug free communities program.

Health Services - The health needs of students in Northside are met through nursing staff provided on each campus.

Psychological Services - Comprehensive services of testing, evaluation and counseling are provided by Psychological Services staff and are available at each campus.

Special Education - Students with disabilities and special educational needs are provided services through the many programs offered by this department to each campus.

Section 504- This office insures compliance with federal discrimination laws related to students with disabilities.



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