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Stinson Names 2012-2013 Teachers of the Year

Perla Torres, Special Education Coordinator and Roger Garcia, Math Teacher were named Educator of the Year and New Educator of the Year at Stinson.  Mrs. Torres has been an educator for 18 years, 13 of which she has spent at Stinson.  Many of her fellow educators remark she does everything for the kids.  Individualized instruction is her focus as "what is good for one kid is not necessarily what's good for another."  Even though her title is coordinator, she takes on a huge role on the campus and doesn't mind jumping into the teaching role to model for her staff.  This year she has successfully lobbied to keep numbers as low as possible in the classrooms and was instrumental in establishing a district Autism unit on our campus.  She will tell you that you've got to see beyond the physical being of the child.  You have to be willing to be their teacher, their advocate, their voice, and understand that for each child, this potential will look very different.  

Roger Garcia, a proud product of Northisde, having attended Passmore ES, Anson Jones MS, and John Jay HS lives by the motto, "We are Northisde!"  Mr. Garcia teaches 7th and 8th grade math by using technology on a regular basis such as the Mobi, Elmo, and his classroom projector.  He breaks down the information for the students, giving them chances to work with partner, work independently, ask questions and apply new learning.  He doesn't just simply answer questions; he makes them think about their question and helps them come up with possible answers. His classroom is full of posters and reminders of what to do if you don't know the answer to a question.  He has established classroom routines and traditions his first year of teaching that bring success and smiles from his students.  One such tradition is the affirmation process each student receives.  When students come to the board to show their work, the class rewards them with a short, two quick claps followed by the chant, "Skyhawks!"