Title I & III Family Involvement Program

The Northside I.S.D. Title I & III Family Involvement Program was created to build communication with parents, staff, and the community by encouraging parents and families to actively participate in school activities and positively influence their child's education.

We offer:

1st Annual Family Engagement Conference

Northside ISD believes strong family engagement is important for all students to succeed.  Join us to discuss topics and share ideas that will help all parents/families to engage in their child's academic success.  This conference will include motivational speakers, interactive sessions and activities.  Parents of children in elementary, middle, and high school will benefit from this conference.  Community resources and agencies will be available for parents/families to visit.  Free childcare available during the conference.  Lunch will be provided and we will have great door prizes!        English         español

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Parenting Workshops

We offer FREE workshops on a variety of parenting topics, from "Choosing Effective Discipline Techniques for your Family" to "Bullying Prevention and Intervention".  These workshops are held at various Northside ISD Title I campuses.  Participants will get the latest researched based information on how to understand their children and how to cope with the vast changes in our society.  Quality childcare is  provided and opportunities to win great door prizes.

English for Everyday Life- EEL Classes

Would you like to learn the English language?  NISD's Title I & III Family Involvement Program is now offering classes to teach adults communication skills in English for everyday life.  These FREE classes are to learn to read, write, and speak the English language in everyday situations.  We has partnered up with the MATT Foundation (Mexicans & Americans Thinking Together).  You will get guidance from a highly qualified NISD Instructor and all 6 books are provided free of charge.  Classes meet twice a week starting Sept. 2014.  All students will get hands on lessons on conversational English and practical reading and writing activities. 

HEB's Read 3 Early Literacy Workshops

This FREE six-week series of workshops is for parents,grandparents,guardians and other adult caregivers with children ages 3 and 4 years old. Adult participants will get hands-on experience on how to create and teach literacy at home. The children will learn to identify colors, numbers, letters and much more.  Two FREE books are given to every student at every session and adult participants will receive a $25 H.E.B. gift card upon completion of the course. (One gift card per participating family)  Quality childcare is  provided. 

Harper's Embrace CPR

Adults and children (12 years old and older) are invited to a FREE Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation workshop.  This is an American Heart Association "Friends & Family CPR" workshop offered for people who want to learn CPR but do not need a course completion card. 

iParent SA 

The Children's Shelter iParent SA program is a comprehensive parenting and family strengthening program with immediate and long term outcomes to benefit parents of all ages.  This 8 week series (1 hour a week) will help you understand yourself and your child, give tips on how to communicate with your child, and choose discipline techniques that make sense for your family. Topics discussed:  Understanding Yourself and Your Child, Understanding Your Beliefs and Feelings, Encouraging Yourself and Your Child, Listening and Talking to Your Child, Helping Children Cooperate, Discipline that Makes Sense, and Choosing Your Approach.  Quality childcare is provided. 


Boystown Workshops

It's not easy raising children in today's hectic world.  Every family needs help from time to time.  Join us to discuss with others about correction without anger, staying calm, helping your child do what is right, stop preaching and start teaching and the power of praise!  Light dinner is provided for evening classes and quality childcare is provided.


Parenting Partners

Is Today's Society making it Harder to Raise Happy, Confident, and Respectful Kids?  Are you Understanding all the Technology your Kids are Using?  Join us at these new "Parenting Partners" workshops.  We will discuss (1) Positive Parenting-Success starts at Home (2) Creating Confident Kids (3) Creating Structure for Achievement (4) Discipline-Practice for Success (5) What Children and Teens Need to Succeed (6) Parent Engaging for Academic Success.  We meet for 8 weeks.   Quality childcare is provided.



 Spaces are Limited, participants must call (210)397-8930 or email to register for workshop.  

Espacios Limitados, por favor llame al (210)397-8930 o escriba un correo electrónico para reservar su lugar.



Northside ISD Family Involvement Program
5651 Grissom Road
San Antonio, TX 78238
210-397-8930 / 210-706-8723 (fax)

Family Involvement Coordinator:  Araceli G. Dominguez
Email: araceli.dominguez@nisd.net

Family Involvement Specialist:  Karina I. Colman Gavilan

Secretary:  Maira Campos
Email:  maira.campos@nisd.net