Welcome to the STAAR information website! The purpose of this website is to provide information regarding the changes occurring in the Texas mandated assessment process.  Various pieces of information have been provided; however, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) continues to refine the new test process. We will provide those updates as they occur! We have included testing calendars, grade level specific information, links and resources along with information regarding testing for special population students.

STAAR testing promises to be more rigorous, present more questions, require a four hour time limit (5 hour for HS English 1 and 2 only), and include 5 course specific high school end-of-course assessments. Check out the tabs to answer your STAAR testing questions and feel free to contact your campus counselor for information regarding campus testing procedures.


Brenda Ward, Ed.D

Director of Testing and Evaluation


Texas Assessment Program for Spring 2015

Enrolled Grade  Assessment Program  Subjects Assessed 

Grade 3 (English and Spanish) 

STAAR  reading and mathematics 
Grade 4 (English and Spanish)  STAAR reading, mathematics, and writing 
Grade 5 (English and Spanish) STAAR reading, mathematics, and science
Grade 6 STAAR reading and mathematics
Grade 7 STAAR reading, mathematics, and writing
Grade 8* STAAR reading, mathematics, science, and social studies
Grade 9-12

STAAR End-of-Course (EOC)

Algebra I, biology, English I, English II, and U.S. history 

Grade 12** TAKS Exit Level Retests English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies as needed
Out-of-School** TAKS Exit Level  Retests English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies as needed

 *If a student enrolled in grade 8 or below is taking a course for which there is a STAAR end-of-course assessment,  that student will be required to take the applicable grade level STAAR assessment and end-of-course assessment.

**Students entering 9th grade in 2010-11 and prior are required to pass TAKS as a graduation requirement.