Social Studies


Social Studies Resources-
20th Century Decades Resources Landform Dictionary- Enchanted Learning
50 Great States Landform Geography Glossary & Pictures
50 States Lewis & Clark- Go West Across America
50 NetState Lewis and Clark/Native Americans
9-1-1 for Kids Latitude And Longitude Game
All About Explorers Map- Interactive Map Grid
American Government Games Map Match
America's Story from America's Library Martin Luther King Jr.
The Alamo Memorial Day Treasure Hunt
Ben's Guide to Government National Archives- click on "Today's Document", located on bottom right, to show actual historical documents
Biographies from Harcourt National Parks Service
Black History National Wildlife Federation
Christopher Columbus Notable Americans
CIA Homepage for Kids Notable Texans
Career Aisle Outdoor Kids
Careers- PAWS in Jobland Presidents, The- White House slideshow
Careers- Reality in Check President's Day Hotlist
Careers- President's Day- Washington & Lincoln
Dental Health PBS
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "Rock" Around the Park
Dynamo's History Simple Machines- Edheads
Earth Day Social Studies for Kids
Famous People Smithsonian
FBI Kid's Page Smithsonian Kids
Fire Safety for Kids  & Sparky the Fire Dog States
Franklin Institute Texas Government & Citizenship
Good or Services Texas Our Texas
History Channel- has good 2 min. video clips Texas Sentate Kids
Historical Figures Texas Symbols & Games
Homes Around the World Texas Symbols
How The Body Works Texas Symbol Hunt
Interactive Websites for American History Thanksgivng, The First- from Scholastic
Inventors & Inventions Thanksgiving Interactive: You are the Historian
Jamestown 1607 Thanksgiving Traditions
Jamestown Online Adventure First Thanksgiving- from Nat Geo
Jamestown- Virtual Jamestown Time for Kids
Kid's Corner- Texas Department of State Health Services United States Mint Veteran's Day
Kid's House- Texas House of Representatives Whitehouse History
Kids.Us Whitehouse Kids
  Who's at the Door? Little People