Scobee #5 in San Antonio!


You want the very best education for your child, but are they attending a top school?  Children At Risk, a Houston-based nonprofit organization that researches and ranks public schools, presented their list of top local schools and handed out awards. Winners were judged on a number of criteria, including graduation rates, testing scores and growth. Scobee Elementary was #5 in city in the elementary category!

  Once again, Health Careers is the No. 1 high school in the San Antonio area. This year Children at Risk began categorizing schools using letter grades A through F. Their methodology includes 14 criteria for judging high schools and elementary schools and 8 criteria for judging middle schools. The criteria range from graduation and attendance rates to growth and STAAR testing scores. Dr. Brian Woods, Superintendent of NISD, said “All schools have great potential and that potential is increased when parents partner with the teachers to positively impact children."  Way to go Scobee Challengers!!!!

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