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Commander F.R. "Dick" Scobee

Scobee Elementary School was the first school named in honor of F. R. "Dick" Scobee, the commander of the Challenger Space Shuttle Crew. Scobee was born a May 19, 1939. He enlisted in the Air Force in 1957 and was stationed at Kelly Air Force Base right here in San Antonio. He was accepted as an Astronaut candidate by NASA in 1978. He was pilot on the STS 41-C in 1984 logging a total of 168 hours in space during the mission. He then served as spacecraft commander on STS 51-L launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida , at 11:38:00 EST on January 28, 1986. The Orbiter Challenger exploded during launch. Scobee was chosen as the school's namesake not only because he was a hero who challenged us to "reach for the stars", but also because he had many personal ties to our great city, San Antonio.



Mission Statement of Scobee Elementary: All Scobee Challengers are challenged to be motivated, involved, responsible life-long learners.