Board of Trustees

Elected by the people to govern Northside Schools, Trustees are the guardians of the public trust and, through the policies they make, are ultimately responsible for our schools. This responsibility and the accessibility of Trustees to the voters make the Board one of the purest examples of democracy in our society.

Northside Trustees represent over 172,000 households located in 355 square miles in northwest Bexar County and parts of Medina and Bandera counties. Northside continues to be the “destination” district in San Antonio for many families seeking a quality school system for their children and for employees seeking a quality place to work.

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Since the Board of Trustees functions to support the District's instructional program, curriculum is at the heart of Trustees' responsibilities. Trustees set high academic standards and oversee the development of strategies and objectives for reaching those goals. There is continuous evaluation of program effectiveness. Northside is a Texas Recognized District.

School Staff

Trustees recognize the value of qualified teachers and other staff. They hire teachers and staff who are motivators and communicators and who have a genuine concern for students. Northside has one of the largest workforces in South Texas, more than 13,000 full-time and part-time employees.


Since the Board is legally responsible for all funds received for school purposes and for their expenditure, much Trustee time and energy is devoted to developing a sound budget.


Schools in NISD, the state's fourth largest school system, are modern, well-equipped and well-maintained.Since 1995, Trustees have secured authorization from District voters for $1.9 billion in bonds to build 46 schools and make improvements at all the others.

Community Involvement

Citizen involvement is encouraged by the Board of Trustees and is evident by the fact that hundreds of citizens serve on a variety of District and campus advisory committees. Continuous communication with Northside patrons is designed to involve as well as inform.

Karen Freeman Randall Fields
Karen Freeman
President, District 7
Randall Fields
Vice President, District 6
Lynn Britton Bennie Cole
Lynn Britton
Secretary, District 1
Bennie Cole
Trustee, District 2
M'Lissa Chumbley Bobby Blount
M'Lissa Chumbley
Trustee, District 3
Bobby Blount
Trustee, District 4
Katie Reed
Katie Reed
Trustee, District 5

Board Goals

Curriculum and Instruction

  • Ensure the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of Year Four Activities of the Five Year Strategic Plan for 2008-2013.
  • Develop and implement plans to address transition from TAKS to STAAR.
  • Increase communication with parents and the community about supporting students in the transition from TAKS to STAAR.
  • Expand access to grade level curriculum for special education students through accommodations and modifications of curriculum and assessments and provisions of appropriate instructional arrangements.
  • Select and provide focused support to schools to promote achievement at or above state performance as standards and benchmarks are defined.
  • Continue to focus efforts on improving the quality of curriculum, instruction and assessment in Pre-AP, AP and Dual Credit courses.
  • Promote a K-12 focus on college and career readiness, assessment, and communication with all stakeholders.
  • Enhance Construction Careers Academy curriculum to allow for 2+2 partnerships with community colleges and four-year universities.


  • Continue to make school safety a top priority by implementing digital video on NISD buses and designing digital video systems in NISD elementary schools.

Business and Finance

  • Monitor and work with Interim Committee on funding formulas that provide support in efforts to establish a weighted-student funding system that recognizes all programs and services, to include academic instruction, instructional support, extracurricular activities, and technology, necessary to prepare students to contribute positively to society.
  • Monitor and implement Education Jobs Fund that ensures appropriate reporting, accountability and transparency of resources and expenditures.
  • Monitor the progress of the budget reduction plan and management of fund balance in anticipation of state funding proration and the 2013 legislative session.

Human Resources

  • Continue to implement a plan for minority recruiting, hiring and career progression.


  • Continue to make the community and employees aware of the issues and challenges that NISD faces as well as NISD’s successes through traditional and social media.

Technology Services

  • Complete implementation of the Data Warehouse and Administrator Dashboard.
  • Begin implementation of the Student Information System, preparing for cutover to the new system in 2012-13.

Facilities and Operations

  • Provide regular updates on bond progress to the community (parents, taxpayers, voters, residents) and employees.
  • Begin planning and design of the Kelly Smith Technology Center, which includes plans to relocate NISD’s primary Data Center.
  • Continue planning and/or construction for three elementary schools and two middle schools from the 2010 Bond utilizing the CHPS (Collaborative for High Performance Schools) green-building program.
  • Complete construction for the CHPS-designed Los Reyes Elementary School.
  • Continue planning and construction on long-range projects in the 2010 Bond including, but not limited to, the Northside Swim Center, FM 471 N. Middle School, Cielo Vista N. Elementary School, Cielo Vista S. Elementary School, FM 471 #2 Elementary School, middle school science labs, additions at Michael Elementary School and O’Connor High School, and various infrastructure projects.