Northside Independent School District continues to be one of the premier school districts in Texas. Students continue to score higher than the state average at every grade level and in every subject area.

For the 2010-2011 school year, NISD is the second largest Texas Education Agency Recognized district. In addition, NISD boasts 32 Exemplary schools, 36 Recognized schools and 29 Academically Acceptable schools. The Texas Education Agency has provided an explanation of ratings.

Clicking on a campus name will display full information about the campus including TAKS scores. Please see the District TAKS information web page for all scores.

Campus Type Rating
Adams Hill Elementary Exemplary
Aue Elementary Exemplary
Beard Elementary Exemplary
Behlau Elementary Academically Acceptable
Blattman Elementary Exemplary
Boone Elementary Recognized
Brandeis High Academically Acceptable
Brauchle Elementary Recognized
Braun Station Elementary Exemplary
Brennan High Academically Acceptable
Briscoe Middle Academically Acceptable
Burke Elementary Recognized
Cable Elementary Academically Acceptable
Carlos Coon Elementary Recognized
Carnahan Elementary Recognized
Carson Elementary Exemplary
Clark High Academically Acceptable
Cody Elementary Recognized
Colonies North Elementary Recognized
Connally Middle Academically Acceptable
Driggers Elementary Recognized
Elrod Elementary Exemplary
Esparza Elementary Recognized
Evers Elementary Recognized
Fernandez Elementary Exemplary
Fisher Elementary Exemplary
FM 471 North (Opens 2013) Middle Not yet rated
Forester Elementary Exemplary
Galm Elementary Recognized
Glass Elementary Exemplary
Glenn Elementary Recognized
Glenoaks Elementary Recognized
Hatchett Elementary Exemplary
Health Careers High Exemplary
Hector Garcia Middle Recognized
Helotes Elementary Exemplary
Henderson Elementary Recognized
Hobby Middle Recognized
Hoffmann Elementary Exemplary
Holmes High Academically Acceptable
Howsman Elementary Academically Acceptable
Jay High Academically Acceptable
Jefferson Middle Recognized
Jones Middle Academically Acceptable
Jordan Middle Recognized
Knowlton Elementary Exemplary
Krueger Elementary Recognized
Kuentz Elementary Exemplary
Lackland City Elementary Exemplary
Langley Elementary Exemplary
Leon Springs Elementary Exemplary
Leon Valley Elementary Recognized
Lewis Elementary Exemplary
Linton Elementary Exemplary
Locke Hill Elementary Recognized
Los Reyes (Opens 2012)   Not yet rated
Luna Middle Academically Acceptable
Marshall High Academically Acceptable
Martin Elementary Academically Acceptable
Mary Hull Elementary Recognized
May Elementary Exemplary
McDermott Elementary Recognized
Mead Elementary Academically Acceptable
Meadow Village Elementary Recognized
Michael Elementary Recognized
Murnin Elementary Recognized
Myers Elementary Exemplary
Neff Middle Academically Acceptable
Nichols Elementary Exemplary
Northside ISD District Recognized
Northwest Crossing Elementary Recognized
O'Connor High Recognized
Oak Hills Terrace Elementary Academically Acceptable
Ott Elementary Exemplary
Passmore Elementary Exemplary
Pease Middle Academically Acceptable
Powell Elementary Exemplary
Raba Elementary Recognized
Rawlinson Middle Recognized
Rayburn Middle Academically Acceptable
Rhodes Elementary Recognized
Ross Middle Academically Acceptable
Rudder Middle Academically Acceptable
Scarborough Elementary Exemplary
Scobee Elementary Exemplary
Steubing Elementary Exemplary
Stevens High Academically Acceptable
Stevenson Middle Academically Acceptable
Stinson Middle Academically Acceptable
Taft High Recognized
Thornton Elementary Recognized
Timberwilde Elementary Academically Acceptable
Vale Middle Academically Acceptable
Valley Hi Elementary Academically Acceptable
Villarreal Elementary Recognized
Wanke Elementary Exemplary
Ward Elementary Recognized
Warren High Recognized
Westwood Terrace Elementary Academically Acceptable
Zachry Middle Academically Acceptable