Work Based Learning Classroom


Students serviced in the Work Based Learning Classrooms are employed or desire to be employed (student and parent). These students' ARD Transition committee has determined the need to complete Consumer Math and English tasks at a level that enables them to apply in the  community. (ex VIA training, independent shopping, budgeting, banking).
The students in these classrooms research and prepare for future volunteer positions as an alternative to employment.

The students must be able to remain on task at least 60 minutes without break, follow oral directions and be able to self advocate wants and needs so others can understand them with no more than 1 verbal prompt.


Students must also have fine motor abilities such as using a pencil or pen, opening a plastic bag, or rolling silverware. They must also have gross motor abilities to be able to lift at least a 10 pound object, and able to stand or walk for up to 90 minutes.  Students in wheelchairs must be able to propell their own chairs and sit for up to 90 minutes comfortably.Students' behaviors  must be appropriate of public jobsites.

Examples of real world academics taught:
ELA Consumer math Employability skills Community skills Independence skills
Write applications Elapsed time Applications VIA Training VIA
Read bus schedule Banking Interviewing Independent shopping Shopping
Shopping lists Budgeting Getting and keeping a job   Budgeting for shopping trip and monthly budgeting





A special thank you to our community partners for their support in our students' success.