Welcome to the Reddix Center

The land on which the Reddix and Holmgreen Centers and Health Careers High School sit was donated many years ago by the Ewing Halsell Foundation.  When the land was donated, the agreement was that the Nellie Reddix Center would provide an educational placement for any student in the county whose educational needs could not be met on their home campus due to medical needs.

The Nellie Reddix Center has been servicing individuals with disabilities for over 20 years.

Currently, there are approximately 300 students at the Reddix Center.

The majority of the student population range in age from 18-22 years old.  The Reddix is a choice for these students after they have completed all of their high school requirements.  These students concentrate on employability and independence skills acquisition while at Reddix.

A small handful of students are at the school for behavioral support or medical needs.  These students range in age from three (3) to twenty two (22).

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District Itinerant staff housed at Reddix (see descriptions under corresponding links under the Administration tab above.):

-Adapted PE/Special Olympics
-Occupational/Physical Therapy
-Assistive Technology
-Specialized Instruction/Autism