Adapted Physical Education


Adapted Physical Education

4711-B Sid Katz
San Antonio, Texas 78229
PHONE: 210-397-2406
FAX: 210-615-2432
Lead Teacher: Nancy Smith
Secretary: Belinda Hernandez


Adapted Physical Education is a diversified and systematic program of developmental activities, exercises, games, sports, rhythms and aquatics that are designed to meet the unique physical education needs of individuals experiencing difficulties in the psychomotor domain. The program is organized and presented in a sequential and developmental manner that is geared to the needs, limitations and disabilities of each individual student.
The program focuses on the identification of psychomotor problems in individuals who have developmental delays and/or conditions that affect their ability to function successfully in a traditional physical education program.
The following general principles provide the basis for a quality adapted physical education program:
All students, both disabled and non-disabled, can benefit from quality physical education programs that meet his/her unique needs.
Adapted physical education is a progressive and developmental program that is geared to each individual learner's stage of motor development and skill acquisition. All instruction is sequential, task analyzed and constantly monitored to insure that maximum learning occurs.
The program is generally designed to meet the unique needs of students with disabling conditions as defined in IDEA. However, the program also includes students not classified as disabled, but who are in need of specially designed instruction to remediate physical and/or motor difficulties that would hinder successful participation in traditional physical education.
Adapted physical education activities are designed to not only address individual needs but to insure student success as well. Individual learning opportunities are provided for all students that will allow them to optimally function within their limitations and to fully develop their capabilities.
Students suspected of needing adapted physical education services must be referred to the department for screening. In most instances, the campus initiates the referral process either through the physical education specialist or the special education disseminator. Once the referral is received by the adapted physical education department, eligibility is determined for placement.
The referral process includes:
A screening and/or observation is conducted to determine if the student qualifies for services.
A diagnostic assessment as well as any additional motoric testing that is appropriate for that student will be conducted to identify the specific and unique needs of that student.
Once the needs of an individual student is determined, a collaborative IEP is generated and submitted to the ARD committee for approval.
Student APE IEP goals are continually evaluated. This insures the success of realistic and progressive goals that are consummate with each student's potential.



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