Summer Reading

Summer Reading

Summer Reading List

Congratulations on choosing to participate in the Northside Independent School District Pre-AP English Language Arts (ELA) course of study.  Your teachers and I are pleased that you have accepted the challenge of a more rigorous ELA course.  An important part of this academic program is summer reading, which offers an opportunity for enrichment and provides the vehicle for opening school activities.

Attached you will find the list of books for this summer's assignment.  You have choices because we want you to enjoy your summer reading experience. Take the time to select a book that interests you.  Talk with your parents and friends.  Read the annotations on the attached list. Preview the opening pages of several of the books that interest you. When you have made your decision, you may check out the book from the public library or you may purchase a copy at a local bookstore.

Because you will read the book in the summer and complete assignments when school begins, you will want to do the things good readers do in order to remember what they have read.  Some of the strategies you might choose include the following:

  • Write a short summary at the end of each chapter in order to help you find information for assignments when school starts.
  • Write brief, personal responses to important events in the story.
  • Make a list of important quotes and what you think they mean.

Please note that these are suggestions to help you be successful.  These are not required assignments.  You may choose other strategies that work better for you.  When school starts, your teacher will give you a specific assignment to complete for your book.

If you  have  any  questions, you  may  contact  me  your  ELA  teacher.   In the meantime, congratulations on choosing Pre-AP ELA and happy reading!




Lori Rodgers
Department Coordiantor, English Language Arts
Ed Rawlinson Middle School
(210) 397-4900