8th Grade TCEA-TATA Test (Formerly TLA)

In order to reliably assess 8th grade students' technology literacy, Northside ISD will again be requiring all district middle schools to proctor the TCEA-TATA (Texas Computer Education Association-Tech Apps TEKS Assessment) (formerly known as TCEA-TLA). This assessment is based on Texas's Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Our campus is scheduled to take the assessment May 21 & May 22 through the 8th grade English classes.  This assessment will be proctored by the English teachers, with the support of the campus CIT and TSS. The resulting data will help both Rawlinson MS and Northside ISD better support the needs of students and teachers through the technology integration process.

We strongly encourage you and your student to check out the 8-question sample test - and the more-extensive Part 1 and Part 2 Pretests. Directions are attached. Thank you for your support of this initiative!