Frequently Asked Questions
How many books can I check out at one time?
3 (but no more than 2 manga or comics)
How long can I check out books?
2 weeks (manga and comics are 3-day checkouts)
Can I renew books that I have checked out if I'm not finished with them?
How much are fines for overdue materials?
There are no fines for overdue materials. However, we ask that you return items in a timely manner for others to use. You will not be able to check out more books if you have overdue items.
Can I bring food or drinks into the library?
No, food and drinks are not allowed in the library. 
Can I use the library during lunch?
Yes!  You may come to the library during your lunch period to read or study, and you must sign in.  You can use computers for school purposes as long as a class is not using them during that time.  When a class is using the library during lunch, they have priority and space will be more limited to individual lunchtime students.
Why do I have to sign in?  It takes at least 30 seconds, sometimes longer!
Because we are required to keep track of who has visited the library and when.  Sometimes teachers and administrators ask us if a student is in the library or previously came to the library, and we need to be able to look that up.  We also have to keep records of how many students have come to the library.
Do I have to sign out?
Before school, you do not have to sign out.  We sign out all students when the bell rings.  During the school day, you must sign out if you leave before the end of the period.  Once the bell rings for the end of the period, we sign out all students still signed in for that period.
Can I photocopy something in the library?
Yes, a photocopier is available in the library for $0.15/page.  It only accepts change, no cash.
How much does it cost to print?
Printing is free, but it must be for school purposes. Items printed that are not for class assignments will not be given to students. Please be mindful of how much and what you are printing to conserve toner and paper.