Trustees and Superintendent affirm Code of Ethics

August 29, 2013

Since 1991, the NISD Board of Trustees signs a Code of Ethics annually, reaffirming their commitment to adhere to educational and ethical standards.

According to Superintendent Brian Woods, NISD is probably one of very few Districts where the Board and Superintendent (on behalf of the staff) sign a code of ethics.

"Northside ISD has an outstanding reputation, and a huge reason for that is because we hold ethics in high regard," Board President Bobby Blount said. "We sign the Code of Ethics annually to remind each of us to always put the needs of our students first."

The Code of Ethics is available online on the Board of Trustees web site

Pictured after signing the poster-sized Code of Ethics (which hangs in the Central Office Board Room) are (from l-r): Dr. Carol Harle, Trustee; Bobby Blount, Board President; Dr. Brian T. Woods, Superintendent; Katie Reed, Board Vice President; Lynn Britton, Trustee; Karen Freeman, Trustee; Bennie Cole, Board Secretary; and M’Lissa Chumbley, Trustee.