Top finalists in JA Bank from O’Connor HS

May 20, 2011

The GT Leadership students competed in the JA Banks in Action 2010-2011 North American Competition to see how effective they are at managing a bank. By taking on the role of banking business leaders, they made corporate decisions to steer their banks to success. Each bank's performance is based on the following factors: net profit, return on assets, return on equity, loan share, deposit share, and capital ratio. After the city-wide competition, the top five teams advanced to the North American competition, where they came in second place. 

It is unprecedented that out of all of North America, O'Connor High School had five of the eight finalists. The honorees are:

Alexandra Stephenson Academy Bank Team Member
Haley Smith Acadmy Bank Team Member
Taegan Howells Acadmy Bank Team Member
Chris Saldana Chil Bank Team Member
Isabelle Guiollan Chil Bank Team Member
Reby Grantham Chil Bank Team Member
Billy Craft G.O.W.Y.M. Bank Member
Kaitlyn Salsbury G.O.W.Y.M. Bank Member
Zac Galindo G.O.W.Y.M. Bank Member
Valeria Garza La Caisse Bank Member
Natalia Brookens La Caisse Bank Member
Laura Fox La Caisse Bank Member
Luis Arruti Treyarch Bank Member
Andrew Mendez Treyarch Bank Member
Trey Westall Treyarch Bank Member
Pam Hummel Coach