Make a Donation

This payment method is not available during the annual NEF Employee Pledge Drive. Please see your campus NEF Rep. for information on on-time donations and check or credit/debit card donations. 

Northside Education Foundation invites tax-exempt contributions to help Northside ISD students and staff achieve the highest possible quality education. Competitive Grants are given regularly to employees who create classroom innovation individually or in teams. 501c-3 #74-2591569. Your gift will be acknowledged in the NEF Annual Report and on-line unless specified anonymous. Thank you for helping Northside students and schools.

The Northside Educational Foundation is pleased to announce our new online donation processing system, Give2Schools. This program lets patrons make donations online.

What is Give2Schools?

Give2Schools is a browser-based windows application containing an Internet component that gives donors flexibility and control over making donations by electronic check or credit card.

How does it work?

Patrons can make donations online at their convenience by accessing the Give2Schools system through the foundation’s web site. They have the option to directly debit the funds from their bank account (electronic check) by entering their bank’s ABA routing number and their personal bank account number, use a PayPal account, or they can make donations with their VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card. After making a donation, an e-mail receipt will immediately be sent to the patron confirming their donation(s). Give2Schools does not save or store bank or credit card information to ensure privacy and security for users.

Benefits for donors

Convenience: make donations 24 hours a day/7 days a week
Control: eliminate lost checks or cash
User friendly: processes both e-checks and credit cards
Secure: ensures private and secure transmission
Accessible: view purchases and payments online


Call NEF at 210-397-8599.