Violence Prevention Program

The Violence Prevention Program included of a variety of guest speakers who delivered important messages to our students. The VP class consisted of 27 students. Teachers and our school counselor provided input in the selection of students for this class. Students who successfully participated in the program received a Certificate of Completion. The VP program consists of the following sessions:
Conflict Resolution: Sam Garcia introduces dhe concept of Conflict Resolution. Students had the opportunity to learn about strategies to use for resolving conflicts peacefully.
Substance Abuse Prevention: Special Agent, Mr. Talamantez delivered a message to students of the dangers related to substance abuse. He spoke on how substance abuse may lead toward addiction and other health-related problems.
Teen Dating Violence: Adriana Felts, NISD Counselor, spoke to students about teenage dating violence and the law. Students had the opportunity to differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.
Me To You Program: Prpgram staff from Randolph AFB provided a presentation for our students on the importance of being successful in school. Some of staff gave personal testimony on how they went through difficult times when they were in high school including doing time in juvenile detention and attending DAEP schools. Their stories demonstrate how they overcame a troubled period in their lives to later become successful in their military careers.  
Operation Outreach: Officer Clayton and Officer Santos from the Dominguez State Jail spoke to students on the harsh realities of prison life. The program is designed to inform students of the dangerous situations and violent incidents that occur in prison.        
Making Responsible Choices: Sam Garcia discussed the importance of making responsible choices using video and presentation. Students had a chance to review and discuss the information they received from all of the guest speakers. In addition, students had the opportunity to rate the programs and guest speakers by completing a survey form. Certificates of Completion are presented to students at the conclusion of the program.